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Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854 in Paris, France, from royal families to the top craft workshops, Louis Vuitton has not been interrupted for travel, tradition and passion for innovation and heritage. Louis Vuitton replica all the classic design conforms to the important history of the development of travel:


1896 Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas debut, declared the brand’s fashion outlook, its unique creativity has become a classic symbol of; popular with cruise travel, in 1901 launched Steamer bag, travel pouch marked the advent of the era of official ; 1924 Keepall travel bag, changing the way the weight and packaged travel, making travel easier short improvisational elegance ; 1997, as artistic director Marc Jacobs joined Louis Vuitton to its unique craftsmanship and luxury extends to fashion, footwear, watches , accessories and jewelry boutique, for customers in the French tradition of adding a fashionable color.

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Innovative “Wardrobe” suitcase and “unpickable” Click the lock

From the past to today, to deal with the outside world brand plagiarism trick is to constantly innovate. Louis Vuitton Replica Designer Handbags and the descendants of the things of the world and the development of advanced transportation, technology, architecture, art, and a very strong interest in fashion and the world of things observant. Then loaded master Charles-Frederic Worth once pointed out to Louis Vuitton, big wide bustle will soon be the end of the fall, lightweight dress style is about to be replaced, he immediately has to comprehend, create a wardrobe style on both sides of the upright open in 1875 suitcase, one side is hangers, the other side is a list of the drawer, so that visitors do not need to repeat the clean clothes shuttling around. The “Wardrobe” suitcase Louis Vuitton is still one of the most exciting classic works.

Among the next day, the brand has introduced a new design innovation and elegance with both, including the golden age of classic luxury cruise vacation suitcase essential, it looks tiny, can collect under the bed. In 1905, the Henry Ford Model car two years before the launch, the brand will launch can be hidden in the spare tire central waterproof “driver bag”, when necessary, as a bathtub! The earliest flight journey full of experiments must ultimately meant “nacelle trunk” trunk, even if the accident occurred when the water landing, driving the spacecraft’s staff were also rely suitcase floating in the water; another masterpiece is light “aero trunk” baggage box, even if the weight is also loaded with clothes only 26 kg.

Another important revolutionary invention, when the number of George Vuitton charge during the launch of the company in 1890 “unpickable” multi-lock tumblers by subsequent production of all brand luggage locks are installed according to this design; while Each guest is allocated a private lock numbers that can be the same for all the guests luggage keys switch. This system has been in use ever since.

Louis Vuitton Classic Monogram pattern trunk

Monogram pattern of birth

Louis Vuitton at more than 6 years after tumbler locks available by that position in 1896, the palace lay an important opportunity for the brand: it was George Vuitton brand products considered to give a consistent image of the logo, then spent weeks creating it pattern theme sketches. Japanese aesthetic trend popular in Europe during this period, he was elected also finalized richly traditional Japanese badge means: a circle surrounded by a four-leaf flowers, quadrangular, the concave rhombus quadrangular package, plus the overlap together LV word (Louis Vuitton initials) Monogram pattern consisting of a unique combination. Company in 1897 to Monogram canvas pattern design registration, 1905 will be registered as a brand more.

Except when the company focused on the production of hard luggage and suitcase boxes, but also began to get involved in the field of soft bag unprecedented. The first is the 1901 launch of the rectangular “Steamer Bag”, can be folded closed in the luggage compartment, the journey at sea and can be hung in the cabin when the laundry bag with the corner. Today Steamer Bag position of course is quite different, because it had reached the palace of Louis Vuitton classic masterpiece. However, after twenty years until the last century, “Keepall” available, soft bag before the official board for formal occasions, Keepall travel bag is not only a modern pioneer, but also a symbol of fashion fashionable relaxing holiday weekend, and later became the world’s many elegant visitors lovey.

Today’s Keepall and Steamer Bag Monogram pattern has been put on an elegant appearance, but both are net initial color canvas until 1959 his son George Vuitton Parkes Dayton (Gaston-Louis Vuitton) and the heirs of Claude-Louis Vuitton developed a soft waterproof coating technology, the Monogram canvas can be produced from soft travel bag.

Arduous pioneering journey

For over a century, the queen princess of the world, VIPs, billionaires, film stars , super models , have to have Louis Vuitton luggage is proud. Coincides with the 150th anniversary of the brand, the store Paris Champs Elysees, the exhibition of more than 3000 samples Vuitton luggage and its founder Louis Vuitton photo, people learned this from small carpenter the big boss of the entrepreneurial process.

Small fortune carpenter Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags Paris February 12, 1821 was born in France, a small village near the forest lumberjack father, his family was poor. Parents have no money to buy him toys, plane and chisel along with his childhood, he grew up on a keen interest in carpentry. 14 years old, he went to Paris one person alone, more than 400 kilometers on foot, walking for several days. He was a good life dream is to make money, so Zaikuzailei not afraid.

After he arrived in Paris, devoting a lot of twists and turns, and finally in a famous hand woodworking workshop found a job. Work is filled with beech and poplar produce milk with the barrel. It was the Second Empire, a grand party swept the whole of Paris, provincial dignitaries often flock to buy this many Kuotai Tai cask skirts and petticoats. When people travel to carry clothing urgent need to find a convenient tool — Louis Vuitton bags have come into being.

Wife to help him run the factory dowry

In 1854, Louis Vuitton in Paris Aspen Danielle founded his first bag making workshop. Due to lack of start-up capital, his wife took out a dowry and past savings. Louis is very smart, versatile, and creative spirit. He invented a kind of handle flat box, instead of the last big and bulky wooden box, the materials used are still beech, poplar, leather, metal jewelry , buckles and lock. The surface of the box with a gray and light brown cloth wall paper wear.

He’s such a case not only durable, and easy to carry when traveling, modeling beautiful, elegant color coordinated, so quickly open the market and get Wong Houourenni of her, she vowed to only build Vuitton jewelry box from there. Louis Vuitton is known for its samples. The king of Egypt made the preservation of fruit wicker box, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, India and many maharaja, Alphonse VII, King of Spain, goes to the Louis Vuitton store orders. Louis Vuitton’s fame grew, he not only expanded the workshop in Aspen Danielle, and in Sikelibo street opened a store.

Excel rather than blue

Louis’s son George was born in 1857, he received systematic education, innovation and creativity are also stronger. In 1881, people tunneling under Manche, outlook contacts with Britain impressive, Louis then said to his son:. “We strive to become the first company in the UK landing” in 1885, Louis Vuitton’s first it opened stores in London. Louis hard all his life, died in 1892, his son took over the baton, to create a truly high-end luggage Empire.

Early 19th century to the 20th century, George will be in New York opened a branch, Hollywood and American high society regarded as treasures of Louis Vuitton luggage. Many big stars to Paris to buy a special bag. Bags for various purposes have also come out.

As the best-selling Louis Vuitton bags, many fakes have flooded the market. While Louis Vuitton sued for this, but did not stop the spread of counterfeit goods. George had an idea and decided to invent a new canvas that others can not imitate. George invented a unique pattern of cross-weaving, until the 21st century are still in use.

Century-old glory

Today, Louis Vuitton has come to the sixth generation descendant of Patrick Vuitton luggage making the existing 13,600 artisans, who were working in 14 workshops, in addition to 11 workshops in France, but in Spain California and the United States also has a production base. Produce 80% of all the work by hand luggage.

Louis Vuitton is still 52 countries opened 314 stores luggage, only in China was opened 9. In 2002, its turnover amounted to € 3 billion, 10 years to turn the entire three-fold. The amount of profit every year are 40% -45% growth rate.

In 1996, Louis Vuitton joined Lvmh Group has greatly expanded their space. High volume production of traditional products not only bags, but also involved in fashion, watches, jewelry and other industries, it is a business activity accounted for 70% of the group’s total business.

Hermes2014 spring and summer advertising supermodel incarnation jungle wizard elegant interpretation

Hermes Replica Handbags 2014 spring ad, supermodel elegant interpretation of the new incarnation of the jungle Wizard 2014 spring and summer series, the picture beautiful, colorful scarves iconic brilliant as butterfly wings.

HermesIn the spring and summer Replica Hermes 2014 advertising , the supermodel elegant interpretation of the new incarnation of the jungle Wizard 2014 spring and summer series, the picture is beautiful, brilliant iconic colorful scarves like butterfly wings. HermesHermes Replica Designer Handbags is always full of fun blockbuster, the summer blockbuster season left us with a very deep impression. This season is equally stunning, supermodel azure eyes as if to explore something about, or in some hidden secret. The hair streaked into a colorful, obviously in line with its usual style, printed scarves beautiful party thing.

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Louis Vuitton released early autumn 2014 women’s collection

Editor’s note: Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags released early autumn 2014 women’s collection, the basic is to build from the past old team, the classic penetration latest fashion sense, simple and elegant feminine style prominent. Luxurious and elegant style, practicality and style both to the traditional manual design and fashionable Awards. Then, with a look.

Replica Louis Vuitton 2014 early autumn series in a rather awkward position, right in the middle of Ma Ying-jeou and nicolas ghesquière handover, so the tone set in the classic fashion interpretation withstand the test of time. “She” stepped elegant dance, the right to hold a free and varied between calm and elegant street fashion relationship.



  Cape, tweed and collage, jackets appear together, but added in line with the louis vuitton Replica Designer Handbags young upcoming new product line icons collection position, who knows, perhaps the second warm-up to test the water. Creative flying cut design fashion items for each one gives a whole new meaning.



  Ably atmosphere or sexy charm, neutral or feminine charm bold, simple, fresh or luxury honorable, show a perfect balance between a relaxation, the pursuit of Pegasus attitude rightly revealed. Provide them with all the latest seasonal fashions, let the young age of women able to adapt their personal style fashion elegant way to dress himself as the goal.


  Brand considerable attention to the texture of the product, from design to production of every detail to emphasize the beauty and comfort must be combined with the idea of allowing people to mix a variety of beautiful image based on personal style and attend different occasions.



  The most stylish and elegant series of avant-garde interpretation of how women wear clothing with a sense of elegance and feminine tastes. Diversified product portfolio, fashion color, according to the customer’s personal qualities can be done either with a sense of the avant-garde, and can choose a combination of soft romantic.

Louis Vuitton Brand 2014

Articles REVIEW

A dream , a logo, a masterpiece , perfect every Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags UK products are better quality and a talent like a combination of skills . For over a half century , Louis Vuitton has never been interrupted for travel , tradition and passion for innovation and heritage. Art cohesion will travel on each suitcase , the essence of the best in the confusion between history stretches of the pin being soluble .
Louis Vuitton品牌介绍
In addition to the pursuit of innovation , enthusiasm for travel , material insistence, pay attention to the details of craftsmanship is committed to the pursuit of Louis Vuitton Replica Designer Handbags never give up . Adhere to tradition and innovation, committed to offering the perfect luxury experience .

Louis Vuitton Brand

Global Chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton ( Louis Vuitton • ) Jia Shijie said that traditional is gradually penetrate the veil has become more modern . With extraordinary skill , since 2011 , aims to launch a series of men’s custom business activities quietly. Goodyear to cut from hand- made shoes completed its distinctive among dispersed in every detail .

Louis Vuitton Brand

Louis Vuitton品牌介绍

Today, Louis Vuitton Outlet brand has not only limited to the design and sale of high-end leather goods and luggage, but to become involved in fashion, accessories , shoes , bags, jewelry , watches, media, wine and other areas of the giant trend indicators . From the early Louis Vuitton suitcase to Paris a year now constantly changing T stage LV fashion show , replica Louis Vuitton handbags UK is able to stand in the international fashion industry has been the top position , proud home luxury brands out , in its own unique brand DNA.

Celine 2013 new fall bag elegantly understated minimalist trend

Celine The combination of the classic and new ideas, Prada killer than shifting colors, for species cortex to push new, Celine seemed to be too much. The Winter Series in earth colors dominated, interspersed red embellishment, the brand has always remained simple and elegant style, the important thing is, it looks expensive enough.

Akiba embarrassing packages and housekeeping Celine replica handbags is still magic, there are also a lot of new new bag. On embarrassing packages, each with a rich color processing, both multiple choice, but also suitable for winter. Akiba package then tried a more mosaic, with different leather, different colors, to create a more luxurious temperament.

Furry adorable little dumplings package is a new winter, soft felt material looks unusually warm, the same style dumplings let us feel at home. With beige, dark blue, green colors of these common winter, coupled with the same shape as the handmade, earthy texture makes it an accident.

Shopping replica designer handbags frenzy still continues, various new products have missed it big. Comes to the most luxurious shopping bag, new celine this season’s must be in the top three. Senior coupled with simple and elegant leather braided or romantic impressionistic color gradients, holding shopping bags out of such extraordinary immediately became worth it.

celine The new autumn and winter the classic, simple, luxurious, warm on the perfect combination together, neat clean lines coupled with suede leather replica handbags, they immediately become noble and sexy. Winter in the snow wearing fur or leather jackets, Louis Vuitton replica handbags coupled with such a short-haired gray stitching, a second smaller era McCully rhythm.

Mulberry 2013 Christmas bag large ad

Mulberry 2013 Christmas bag large ad

(Mulberry Replica Handbags) 2013 Christmas bag large ad

(Mulberry) takes us into the snowy world of fairy tales. In the snow, the stakes placed next to a red Louis Vuitton replica handbags, brown briefcase, the animals ‘companionship’ with them.

Mulberry 2013 Christmas bag large ad

Mulberry 2013 Christmas bag large ad

 (Mulberry) 2013 Christmas replica handbags UK large ad

The protagonist in addition to bags, deer have become one of the highlights.

Mulberry 2013 Christmas bag large ad

 (Mulberry) 2013 Christmas bag large ad

Each Louis Vuitton replica handbags is a classic in the snow against the background of the world, in a variety of animal companionship deer, foxes, owls, etc., for the cold winter warmth to the atmosphere.

Mulberry 2013 Christmas bag large ad

(Mulberry) leather series

Teach you identify genuine and fake luxury replica handbags

Each Louis Vuitton replica handbags products are engraved with a clear number, which is the most basic common sense. Louis Vuitton replica handbags identify points: LV identify small recipe: LV popular due to not relative counterfeit business also has to follow the footsteps of confusion in the market, is difficult to distinguish between true and false, in fact, LV identification is not difficult.

1 lines:. Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags canvas printing is a special plus fire and scratch-resistant material, so the lines on the surface texture is particularly evident. The source of fake Louis Vuitton compared to different materials and some continental system of poor, mostly made with less plastic material, and the glare, smooth surface, concavity is weaker.

2 material: light leather Louis Vuitton (blue or brown) material is very pretty, and leave the money in light skin LV. Is made of plastic, so soft.

3 car line: True Louis Vuitton (printing) of the car line deeper color, material is particularly strong twine made of wax, so it is durable. Fake LV. (Printing) than light-colored car line, made with ordinary cotton, so easy to break.

4 Printing: Early (1960s) Louis Vuitton printed with green, and more recently with brown. Early printing on both sides of the Louis Vuitton symmetry, but recently, it was not necessarily symmetrical. Printing fake Louis Vuitton over the darker brown, some are lighter brown, and printing can be done on both sides.

5 font: Louis Vuitton replica handbags UK engraved on the font is very clear, more rounded font. Most of Louis Vuitton products are engraved with “Made in France” or “Made in Spain” and even “Made in USA”. The fake Louis Vuitton engraved on the font very clear, but high and large fonts, letters separated narrow.

6 No.: Louis Vuitton replica handbags products are each engraved with a clear number. The fake Louis Vuitton are not numbered.

7 Odor:. Louis Vuitton’s products are unique leather cowboy flavor (especially the new Louis Vuitton products). The fake Louis Vuitton leather cowboy flavor is weak, some only a plastic taste.

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Winter fashion bags this season losing a single product

This winter, some of which it is a popular style of replica handbags UK models fur or leather models do?

This winter the popularity of what some of the styles of replica designer handbags it? Money is fur or leather models it? Xiao Bian today to bring you hot models on the network eight winter Louis Vuitton replica handbags, and small series and quickly take a look at this season’s losing popular single product now!

Light brown rabbit bucket bag, single shoulder can be hand Kua, a practical, strong winter bag. I wear a coat, coupled with this exquisite bags, some ultra-temperament it.

European and American big wind bag, like the color of this replica handbags, cobalt blue gives a very mysterious feeling, simple buckle design, but also very stylish atmosphere.

White plush, gives a very warm feeling, the most suitable for the winter with this plush replica Louis Vuitton handbags, hand warmers and stylish. This year is also very popular style of bag stitching, a very tide.

Quilted small fragrant wind lines, low-key and simple but elegant, fashion without losing individuality, bling bling metal chain, it is endearing ah! Sandwich at the package, there is zero coin purse design, it is very convenient oh !

Louis Vuitton, Russia Red Square exhibit Yin Zhengyi, a giant suitcase style pavilion was demolished!

[ REVIEW ] Louis Vuitton replica handbags plans to hold “soul travel” bags historical exhibitions in Russia Red Square, but because of the shape of the pavilion is too huge suitcase catching who were ordered removed. Style pavilion has been built to commemorate the completion of the replica Louis Vuitton history of friendship with the Russian people and the Russian retail giant GUM 120 anniversary, planning a major exhibition areas and the Red Square in Moscow to build a 102 feet long, 30 feet high giant suitcase as showrooms. However, due to the hall too “giant” and from Lenin, Shengbaseer auditorium too close, causing a strong part of the Russian political parties

Louis Vuitton plans to hold “soul travel” replica designer handbags historical exhibitions in Russia Red Square, but because of the shape of the pavilion is too huge suitcase catching who were ordered removed.


The shape of the pavilion has been completed structures


Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags to commemorate the history of the friendship with the Russian people and the Russian retail giant GUM 120 anniversary, planning a major exhibition areas and the Red Square in Moscow to build a 102 feet long, 30 feet tall giant suitcase as showrooms.


However, due to the hall too “giant” and from Lenin, Shengbaseer auditorium too close, aroused strong opposition from some Russian political parties. They believe Russia’s Red Square is a sacred place with a status symbol, a giant LV suitcase “tarnished the territory belonging to the Russian government.”


Eventually pressured, GUM has already issued a statement saying the removal requirements Louis Vuitton suitcase style hall in Red Square, originally scheduled for December 2, 2013 to January 19, 2014′s “soul travel” Louis Vuitton history exhibition also been canceled. There are no comments spokesman Louis Vuitton aspects come forward.


Another brand’s brand was held in July this year show in Russia Red Square, and Red Square had been transformed into a skating rink or outdoor concert venues precedent. This time, the volume is too great, too eye-catching style Louis Vuitton replica handbags suitcase Hall then suffered the fate of being demolished.

Hermes launched special edition “Samarcande” Leather Strap

Summary: To celebrate the extension of the Hermes replica handbags store in Hangzhou Intime Lakeside new look store opening of Hermes in Hangzhou Jiangnan beauty inspired poetry of the return of the blue green and quiet, launched special edition “Samarcande” leather hangings.

Hermes launched special edition "Samarcande" Leather Strap

Special Edition “Samarcande” style leather horse ornaments profound implication

Hermes and always adhere to attain excellence of character and passion for classic inject new vitality. To celebrate the opening of the replica Hermes handbags store in Hangzhou Intime Rio Lakeside store new look, Hermes in Hangzhou Jiangnan in the United States for inspiration, poetic return to the green and serene blue, launched special edition “Samarcande” leather hangings. Special Edition “Samarcande” leather ornaments inspired by Jiangnan Xiu Mei scenery. Faint water, lush vegetation, nature has given pure color gives designers unlimited imagination and creative passion, carefully engraved under the water, showing a side filling the elegant simplicity of turquoise blue on one side and covered with a forest of beautiful green grass works. Castle seemed calm emerald lake and wooden pavilions, total cash Yihe affordable Westlake, Hermes replica designer handbags Special Edition “Samarcande” leather ornaments glow with charming poetic brilliance.